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Back in 2011, Mary Jo Braid sold our rather niche home on a particularly busy street. MJ employed innovative and creative solutions and her attention to small and seemingly insignificant details immediately impressed us. We were successful in that sale because of MJ’s ingenuity. Thus, when we were considering selling our North Shore home earlier this year and buying a waterfront home on the Sunshine Coast, we thought of no one else but MJ. We travelled numerous times to view homes on the Sunshine Coast and on each trip, MJ travelled with us providing my husband and me with individualized attention. MJ was also entirely on the ball arranging four open houses on two contiguous weekends as well as hosting two realtor open houses and multiple private showings. MJ was with us at each step of our selling and buying journeys. She offered sound and expert advice while also ensuring that we remained in the driver’s seat. This is exactly what we wanted. We benefited from her years of experience but without her taking over. Given the value of our three realty transactions with MJ, we were seeking a realtor who would marry sound judgement, professionalism and ethical integrity with interpersonal ease. MJ delivered! We have worked with other realtors in the past, but we have not experienced one who has so strongly advocated for our very best interests. Although we believe we have now found a home in which we can enjoy for decades, should we ever need another realtor, MJ would once again be our first choice! In a city teeming with realtor options, nothing says client satisfaction as much as repeat business. MJ has had our repeat business and would again in the future. N & G Watkins-Bone
~ N & G Watkins-Bone

H Julie, I would like to pass on the following recommendation about your real estate services. Our family was very happy with Mary Jo and her team’s level of service. They were extremely helpful and diligent about all aspects of our transaction. We had a very difficult matter that came up during our transaction the team spend many hours researching the solution. We valued the teamwork that Mary Jo and her team brought to the table. Altogether we would highly recommend Mary Jo and her team to anyone. I hope this is ok, please let me know. Cheers, Kristen
~ Kristen Baur

Mary Jo and Jonathan maintained the utmost professionalism during our interaction. They grasped and supported our point of view and positioning for how we wanted to work through the process. We were most impressed with their advise and flexibility to drive out a top dollar valuation for what we had perceived our house to be worth. Mary Jo and Jonathans' styles very much complemented one another and we enjoyed dealing with both. From the onset to the sale the process was streamlined and well communicated. They both worked within our environment and we never felt any intrusion to our privacy during the process. We wish the very best for Mary Jo and Jonathan and hope other prospective home-owners have the opportunity to deal and interact with them to sell their prized asset. Personal regards, Gen & Mike
~ Gen & Mike Gibson

Mary Jo and Jonathan worked tirelessly to sell our waterfront home and exceeded expectations at every turn. We always felt Mary Jo and Jonathan kept us in the loop even on the smallest of details, this was vital for us, as we were out of the country most of the time. They supported and guiding us through the process, which has many emotional highs, but we never felt they were pushing us into unwanted or hasty decisions. Their attention to detail, from start to finish, was refreshing and their ability to deal with the traditional West Vancouver buyers and international buyers in a seamless manner was exemplary. In many ways, more importantly than all their attributes I’ve mentioned, is their integrity. Critical when dealing with all the permutations which go on when selling a home. It is an absolute pleasure for us to recommend both Mary Jo and Jonathan to prospective clients. Kind regards, V M
~ Sold West Van over $4,150,000

“I would highly recommend Mary-Jo. She went all out to sell my condo, knowing that this was critical for me to be able to afford my “dream-home”. She is a life changer! No doubt about it. And, her efforts will have positive impacts for me and my family for years to come. Coupled to her own other direct efforts on my behalf was the close personal network of financers and lawyers and stagers she was able to bring to the table. These people, in particular the stager and the “banker” enabled me to 1). ensure I sold my condo for more than I paid for it, and that too in a very difficult condo market at the time and 2). Get the financing I needed to afford my new home. Oh, and did I mention that she also found my dream home for me. I didn’t have to do a thing. Mary-Jo doesn’t suffer fools, and she motivates her network on behalf of her clients to do the very best for her Clients. I’d be happy to recommend Mary-Jo. Un-questionably! If you have any doubt still, please ask Mary-Jo to give you my phone number and I can fully explain the benefits of using Mary-Jo. Thanks May-Jo. My son says hi Neil Allen”
~ Neil Allen

Mary Jo Braid, Having the chance to work with somebody that is willing to go the extra mile for you, in a business where time is of the essence. This is one of the reasons why I would recommend Mary Jo to anybody that desires to sell or buy a property. We had some very specific requirements on time lines to sell and buy a property, Mary Jo made it work. Her dedication to us during this process was excellent. She made us feel important to her and not just a payday. Mary Jo spent time teaching us all the ins and outs of real estate that we wanted to know. Looking forward to working with Mary Jo again and her team. We would be willing to give a personal reference upon request. Thanks again Mary Jo!!!!!!!!!! Greg and Natalie Hasler
~ Greg and Natalie Hasler

In support of Mary Jo Braid, I don’t know where to start. The service and support were extraordinary. The dream team that Mary Jo used were more than I could have asked for. As a result, in her capacity as a realtor, Mary Jo has earned our respect and she and her husband have become our very dear friends. One of MJ’s greatest assets is her ability to make you feel like you are the most important people in her life. She will work tirelessly for you and keep in constant communication. While looking for a home for us, It was not unusual to call or be called several times a day. When we thought all was looking bleak, out of thin air, she found what we were looking for, at a price that was a little higher than we wanted to pay. However, with a little creativity through the creation of a helper suite in a part of the home that was not needed, the price soon fell in line and became attractive. The result of Mary Jo’s efforts were to find us a beautiful home in a great neighborhood and make us a very happy family. In addition to finding us a nice home, Mary Jo paired us up with a banker from TD Bank named Sylvie Quenneville (from the Edgemont branch in North Vancouver). Sylvie got us an exceptional mortgage with her bank at an unheard of rate. Like Mary Jo, Sylvie’s service and professionalism was par excellence and beyond mere words. My wife and I are just thrilled by our whole experience with this dynamic duo and can’t say enough positive things about them. I highly recommend them to anyone who are looking to purchase or sell a home. Should anyone wish to contact us, you can get our contact information from Mary Jo and we would be most happy to share our positive experience with you. Sincerely, Alvin Blaise
~ Al Blaise

Dear Mary-Jo, We have had the pleasure of working with a number of realtors who have laboured on our behalf whether we have been buying or selling a home. Some of these realtors have been personal friends and all seemed to go that extra mile for us. By comparison, your personal attention and professional service was unlike anything we have experienced. Your thoughtful service was so exemplary, that we are now convinced that our previous realtors actually did very little. As you know, the property we just sold was a niche, small two-bedroom house with lots of character. It was these many small features that made the house our home. But we also recognized that for prospective buyers, many of these features might be less appealing. This did not deter you in the least. In fact, the opposite seemed to be true and when you promised at the outset that you would work very hard on our behalf, you were true to your word. Quite simply, we have never encountered a realtor who worked harder than you! You were constructive with your initial suggestions, supportive throughout the selling period, and solidly optimistic about our outcome. You kept us consistently "in the loop" on a daily basis talking on the phone and by sending emails and texts. Your communications were thoroughly reassuring as you convinced us that you were totally on the ball and that we were your number one priority; but we suspect that is just how you make all your clients feel. As it turned out, while you were our realtor, you were also the buyer's realtor. While such dual relationships may be difficult for some to navigate properly, this was not the case with you and it brings to mind an episode of the TV show Fraser in which Fraser affirmed, "Ethics are what you do when no else is watching." So many times throughout the process, when others weren't watching, you made ethical decision after ethical decision. It is clear to us that you are an honest professional with the highest levels of integrity! But more than this, you coupled these admirable character traits with exceptional advice, information, and a wealth of real-estate knowledge. We also wish to thank you for pulling together a dream team of supports. Whether it was the outstanding video (quite atypical as compared to most other real-estate videos), the high definition professional photographs, or the various inspectors and mortgage brokers you recommended to the buyer, you ensured our success. Quite simply, it was because of your many efforts that we sold our house. We are truly grateful for all that you have done and should other prospective clients wish to speak with us, we would be happy to chat with them personally. Sincerely, 'AS / £c& f. Watkins & G. Bone
~ Watkins & G. Bone

I highly recommend Mary Jo as a professional Real Estate representative. Her willingness to go above and beyond helped us find the perfect place. Mary Jo took the time to understand our needs and then exceeded our expectations throughout the entire purchasing process. I would be more than willing to provide a personal reference for her. Regards, Mike CBI, MA IR CIO & Business Intermediary
~ Mike Sommer

Deborah and Olaf Miede Dear Mary Jo, We would just like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work and professionalism. You and your husband are stars and went above and beyond in helping us prepare for the open house. You are amazing! It has been a pleasure working with you. We will be recommending you to all our friends. Deborah and Olaf Miede
~ Deborah and Olaf Miede

My wife and I are very thankful we met Mary Jo and she became our Real Estate agent. Mary Jo gave us excellent advice on how to prepare our home to get the best price possible. After we did some minor renovations and staged both the in-law suite, and main living area, we received multiple offers well over our asking price, MJ then negotiated a great price on our new home. We appreciate everything thing she has for done us professionally! · Lioudmila Tchvialeva · Igor Markoff
~ Igor Markoff & Lioudmila Tchvialeva

Mary Jo Braid is the kind of realtor who will be at every open house for you, listen and understand your needs, and work both hard and smartly to sell and/or find your home. We have worked with several different realtors in the past and Mary Jo is by far the best. What really differentiated MJ was her ability to adapt to our schedule, come up with innovative ideas for marketing our home, and knowing the local market well enough to find us that perfect place and negotiate hard for the a price we wanted. When the time comes for us to sell our new home or make another property purchase we won't hesitate to go with MJB. Sincerely, Clint Landrock
~ Clint Landrock